ANGEL / Tooku Made
ANGEL angela
Kanji ANGEL / 遠くまで
Romaji Tenshi / Tōku Made
Singer(s) / Band angela
Album ANGEL / 遠くまで (Tookumade)
Publisher Starchild
Composition atsuko, KATSU
Lyrics atsuko
Length 4:21 (Angel)
4:02 (Tooku Made)
4:18 (Angel off vocal)
4:04 (Tooku Made off vocal)
Release Date Nov 06, 2013
Catalog Number KICM-3269

ANGEL / Tooku Made is an album with both of the first opening and ending, sung by angela.

Track ListEdit

  1. Angel
  2. Tooku Made (遠くまで)
  3. Angel (off vocal version)
  4. Tooku Made (遠くまで) (off vocal version)

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